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Until the end of 2023, our luxury Bellastone Bath systems start at $6500 installed. Upgrades and financing available. Minimal maintenance walk-in showers and acrylic soaker tubs to simplify your life. Our straight forward pricing can save you up to 60%. Reserve your appointment now.

Home Ownership is a frustrating & rewarding adventure. Many people will offer their opinions on how you should live in and care for your home. Of course, only you know how you want to live in your home — what works for you. Hopefully this information helps you decide what type of bathroom best suits you at this stage of your life.

Welcome to Cincinnati Bathworks: a Lifetime Renewal brand.


When you search on the internet for bathroom remodeling, you’ll find a ton of information. And unless you know the technical terms to search with, your query returns more sales pitches than substance. It’s no secret we want to remodel your bathroom. We’re in the business of doing that. What we want you to discover here is a crumb of knowledge from our installers. And hopefully have us out for a discussion afterwards.

Most people begin their bathroom remodeling search because they want to make a change in their tub/shower area. After a few searches, you’ll find that it is typically the most costly part of any bathroom project. Cost can vary greatly depending on the specific materials and labor involved. With countless companies and advertisements, it can quickly become overwhelming.

The project, however, can be broken down into two simple parts: the walls and the base/tub. Of course, there are many options and the rest of the bathroom to consider. But, the purpose of this particular website is to better inform you of the most popular bathroom project on the internet: a tub/shower project. In the trades, it’s commonly called a “Wetpsace Remodel”.

We’ll briefly discuss the three most common types of materials used: Acrylic, “Solid Surface”, and Tile.

For reference, you should know that most companies you find on the internet are going to install acrylic based products.

Acrylic is an extremely low maintenance material that can be made into large sheets with unique patterns and designs. It is antimicrobial by nature. Acrylic can be used for both the wall and the base portion of your tub/shower. Cleaning it is as simple as washing it down after use, and a vinegar spray if you see build up. Acrylic is an elegant solution for nearly any space. We use an acrylic product called Bellastone.

“Solid Surface” is another low maintenance option that can be used. Shower/Tub walls are typically 3/8″ thick slabs. Made up of aluminum supported man-made stone, these panels are very similar to the highly durable corian countertops. The material is also used for shower bases, but not tubs. It is very much the best of both worlds between acrylic and tile. The seamless low-maintenance of acrylic combines with the look & feel of tile, creating a very desirable finish. We offer the Onyx Collection.

Tile is a complex product. Although the grout lines require a great deal more maintenance than acrylic or solid surface joints, tile delivers a fully customizable experience that can be readily repaired. Tubs are not typically made with tile. It is reserved for showers, flooring, and tub surrounds. Florida Tile is a great source for pieces and design inspiration.

Any of these options can be used to for your dream space. Accessories can be added to each to create the exact function you’re looking for. Again, there is the rest of your bathroom to consider. Such a broad topic is better discussed in person. Until then, below you’ll find a couple graphs comparing the three main options, a couple more notes, and links to interactive virtual design tools for each.

If you like what you find and want to talk more, please click any of the Learn More buttons on this page. It will take you to our online scheduler where you can reserve your space. If you prefer drafting an email or speaking over the phone, you can find our contact information on the top of this page. We hope to hear from you soon.

What has the most options?

  • Acrylic (Bellastone) 75% 75%
  • Solid Surface (Onyx Collection) 85% 85%
  • Tile 100% 100%

What takes longest to install?

  • Acrylic (Bellastone) 30% 30%
  • Solid Surface (Onyx) 60% 60%
  • Tile 100% 100%

How much Maintenance?

  • Acrylic (Bellastone) 25% 25%
  • Solid Surface (Onyx Collection) 35% 35%
  • Tile 100% 100%

Clicking the Logos will take you to online virtual builders for each product.

If your home only has one tub/shower you likely can’t afford for it to be out of order for a long time. If that is the case, you’ll be happy to hear that Bellastone provides a luxury makeover in a matter of days. Its acrylic construction provides an extremely durable, low-maintenance finish: available in dozens of designs.

Until the end of 2023 these highly desirable systems start at $6500 installed. Upgrades and financing available. Our straight forward pricing can save you up to 60%. 

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Onyx is the low-maintenance option for those of you who prefer the cool feeling and look of stone walls. The Onyx Collection has higher remodeling demands, requiring more time to install than Bellastone. But Onyx also provides hundreds, yes hundreds, of finishes. Some homeowners like to combine the Onyx and Bellastone collections to achieve their ideal easy to clean system.

Still, those two groups may not speak to you. 

If you are not overly concerned with the length of your remodel, or the maintenance afterwards, a fully custom tile project may be right for you. Only tile delivers the pure stone experience: appearance, texture, design & function. You’re only limited by your framing & imagination.

We’re able to create the bathroom that sets the stage for the next chapter in your home.