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Outside the wetspace is all the rest. The toilet. Could you use a new one? What about your floor? Do your room color and fittings add to the bathroom’s function? There are a lot of questions that you likely already have the answer to. Some however, you may like to speak with someone about.

The dyspace is the real workspace of the bathroom. It takes the most abuse: toothpaste, makeup, tissues, beard clippings and all manner of potions brewed. Our dryspace projects are designed to add organization and ease of use by replacing/removing necessary fixtures, adding minimalistic built ins, or adding the accessories that make your bathroom work for you. Together with patching painting, flooring, trim & toilet, our dryspace projects deliver an entirely new bathroom experience.

Dryspace projects can range from $6,000 – $12,500 (materials and installation included) depending on the size and features. Most are very well equipped near $8,000. There’s a $500 discount when you pair a wetspace and full dryspace project.

Piece meal work, such as: vanity replacement, flooring, paint, toilet, etc. can be arranged with a wetspace project.