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We’re not sure where you are on your bathroom remodeling journey, what you may or may not know. So, we like to keep things pretty general here.

We’ve been working exclusively in the wetspace for over 2 years: both as prime contractor & sub-contractor for some of the local “one-day” bath remodeling companies. You may know some of our work. If you do, you’d know we focus on long-lasting, minimal maintenance materials. Whether you’re looking for a tub/shower project, or something more, you should only have to do it once.

We have samples of our preferred products that we’re happy to share with you when we meet. Until then, please explore the site; check out our current special. You’ll find information on our line up and pictures of some of our work. When you’re ready to discuss in more detail, get ahold of us however you prefer.


Our installs feature units that can be easily wiped clean after a spray or two of 50:50 water/vinegar mix. (add essential oils if desired) Stronger cleaners, such as denatured alcohol, can remove permanent marker from the surfaces immediately. 

I worked with Ted Schaible and he did a great job. He is very professional and has an eye for detail. I hired him to replace the bathtub and surrounding walls because the old bathtub had a liner that leaked. The new bathtub is a nice quality and the walls look nice with the rest of the bathroom. His timeline was shorter than most of the other places I called and prices much more reasonable. He spent a lot of time after the job each day cleaning up prior to leaving. I am a happy customer and recommend him.

Michele B.

We’ve put together a menu style pricing for some of the most common projects. We’re happy to share specifics in person. Until then, there are some general figures on this website to provide some perspective.