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walk in shower cincinnati

Bellastone is our flagship product. Its flexible design allows it to transform any tub/shower space. With finishes from white to marble and tile, this is a wetspace you wouldn’t mind staying in to clean. Not that you’d have to. Like all of the products we promote, Bellastone systems do a great job at keeping themselves clean due to their non-porous outer layer. But when you do notice a troublesome spot, just shoot it with the 50:50 cleaner and scrub until satisfied.

We work with this material regularly. It is flexible, durable, and surprisingly scratch resistant. It handles the abuse of being transported in the back of truck and trailers full of tools. You’re really going to have to mean to put a hole in it.

Bellastone remodels can serve as the centerpiece of your bathroom transformation. You can add as much or as little to these projects. Tub? Shower? Door? Storage, Grab Bars, Shave Shelf? You can achieve a floor to ceiling wetspace solution in days.

Bellastone projects range based on features and construction requirements. With that in mind, $7,500 – $11,000 covers the simple and the complex. Bellastone is our most versatile line, with a wide range of premium tubs, shower bases, doors, seats and safety accessories; including: custom made bases for unique plumbing situations.