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Attention cash buyers. The first 50 homeowners will receive unprecedented pricing on this style of product. Bellastone bath systems are a floor to ceiling solution for your tub/shower worries. Easy to clean and great to look at, these wetspaces will quickly become one of your favorite places in your home.  Add function and simplicity with built-in storage, shelving, handheld bathing with “smart setting” shower valve, doors, and more. Your personal style is what makes the difference. If you’re looking for a change, you’ve come to the right place.

More details regarding the special are at the bottom of the page as well as the appropriate contact form.

Please read on and make sure we’re a good fit for you.

Replacement bathtubs, walk in showers, and tub/shower conversions (wetspaces) are big projects of ours. What started as a childhood task to do, a job to complete, has now become the backbone of our company. We design, plan, and execute these up to your five-star expectations.

First, we work together, finding the features and functions you want – making sure it can work in your space. Most should. Some may not. Only when you decide we are a good fit for you can we settle on terms and come to an agreement. Then, we’ll order the materials and plan for a convenient installation schedule (weather permitting).

When install begins, we’ll lay down our tarps and remove everything necessary. Address minor framing concerns so we can install the new unit properly. Attach the appropriate plumbing fittings. Hang and lay waterproof materials. Add your accessories. Finally, apply our color-match sealant. And of couse, all debris is disposed of by us.

Bellastone is our flagship product. Its flexible design allows it to transform any tub/shower space. Finishes include: smooth, patterned, tile, marble and stone; this is a wetspace you wouldn’t mind staying in to clean. Not that you’d need to though. Like all of the products we promote, Bellastone systems do a great job at keeping themselves clean due to their non-porous outer layer. But when you do notice a troublesome spot, just shoot it with the 50:50 cleaner and scrub until satisfied.

We work with this material regularly. It is flexible, durable, and surprisingly scratch resistant. It handles the abuse of being transported in the back of truck and trailers full of tools. You’re really going to have to mean to put a hole in it. 

 Bellastone remodels can serve as the centerpiece of your bathroom transformation. You can add as much or as little to these projects as you would like. Tub? Shower? Door? Storage, Grab Bars, Shave Shelf? You can achieve a floor to ceiling wetspace solution in days.

walk in shower cincinnati

Bellastone is our most versatile line with many standard and custom sizes available for tubs, showers, doors, seats and accessories. Most projects are completed in 1-3 days. 

The first 50 homeowners will receive a $1500 discount. I bet you’re wondering what that might look like after features and the like. Unless you have a rather unique situation, a Bellastone wetspace remodel (without a shower door) will range from $5,500 ~ $6,200 after discount (materials and installation).

Featuring: built-in niche, shelving, handheld shower system, and color coordinating shower rod. The price varies based on finish color pallette (wall color and metal trim). Upgrades and substitutions available.

Go ahead and claim your $1500 discount while they still last. Enter in your information below and we will be in contact shortly. We’re excited to get going on your project!