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Replacement bathtubs, walk in showers, and tub/shower conversions (wetspaces) are big projects of ours. What started as a childhood task to do, a job to complete, has now become the backbone of our company. We design, plan, and execute these up to your five-star expectations.

First, we work together, finding the features and functions you want – making sure it can work in your space. Most should. Some may not. Only when you decide we are a good fit for you can we settle on terms and come to an agreement. Then, we’ll order the materials and plan for a convenient installation schedule (weather permitting).

When install begins, we’ll lay down our tarps and remove everything necessary. Address minor framing concerns so we can install the new unit properly. Attach the appropriate plumbing fittings. Hang and lay waterproof materials. Add your accessories. Finally, apply our color-match sealant. And of couse, all debris is disposed of by us.

Most wetspace projects are completed in 1-3 days.

Wetspace projects range from $5,000 – $11,000 (materials and installation) – largely depending on the materials and shipping required. We feature two main lines, but are open to discussing customer provided goods.


Avaible in walk-in shower, tub, and seated shower, these 4 piece acrylic/fiberglass units are the stylish, simple, cost-effective solution for standard size tub/shower projects.

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Bellastone is our most adaptive wetspace line: countless design elements, minimal maintenance, custom/standard tub & shower configurations.  Tough enough to stand up to a busy household.

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